Wednesday, August 20, 2014

We are on INSTAGRAM , (finally)

Good news IGland,
4weddingku Blog now is on INSTAGRAM. To get quick stories, ideas and tips, do follow our ig:4weddingkublog

Saturday, June 28, 2014

All you need to know - Bridal Gown - Part 1

I found this via pinterest, and i think all bride-to-be must know this!

If you are hiring a designer, probably you would already been advised accordingly upon designing stage.
But if it is just a tailor (that do not provide much input);
I would suggest you to make a proper study first.
Please be remembered that design you choose on an actual bride might not give you same impact as our body type is not the same (may be almost).

So, perhaps, know your body figures first to find the 'perfect' gown


Monday, June 16, 2014

DIY, Flower Girl Crown. Idea by Wedding Chic Blog

For brides that in search for ways to save some cost for the wedding, but still looking amazingly dash, here is really cute and cool idea we can do - DIY Flower Girl Crown.

For step-by-step, please refer to Wedding Chicks Wedding Blog.

Monday, June 09, 2014

Feature Official Photographer; Wedding by Amini

Photography is one of the most important vendor in any wedding reception.
Why do i said so?  ;
Because after much effort and money spent at other details e.g. wedding dress, decor, hantaran and make up,
U would need a proper 'closure' by hiring a dedicated & reliable official photographer.
He or She will captured those beautiful moments and 'turned' them into memory you would want to last forever.
So dear brides; please do not take 'this' for granted.

Here is one feature official photography we madly in love.
Two words - Simple Shot. But as i browsed the photo's via the ig; i could hear musics playing at the back of my ear (Terukir di bintang by Yuna - specifically).

Official Photographer ; Amini Nasir
Instagram ; weddingbyamini
Contact ; 019.412 6486
"Fine art, lifestyle & Wedding Photography Penang, KL & SIN"


  {Images from Wedding By Amini}
  To be featured; Email for rates and details.

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Real Wedding ; Ekin & Irwan

Beautiful moment captured by brilliant photographer always amazed me
No fancy props and No big labels on the bride's attire, it will still give you that 'wow factor'
Sorry if this evaluation seems not right to the profesionals eyes,
But hey! this naked eyes speaks what probably ordinary people sees

Congratulations to bride & groom I Ekin & Irwan
OP  I  Hazyet Photography
Date  I 31.05.14
Venue  I Pengkalan Hulu, Perak

Submit a wedding at

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Our 2014 look

On a lazy sunday, while watching FOOD NETWORK,
I am blogging while having a cup of coffee. [Bliss]
How i wished blogging is my full time job. Sigh.
Scanning through the blogging trend (especially on wedding)
Many future brides still make social media as point of reference
During my time [gee i sound OLD, LOL], people love to blog (Writing seems more compelling than pictures)
Now, all photography apps related seems the favourite ones.
But nonetheless, these 2 methods compliments the sharing of experience.

On whichever note, 4weddingku Blog will continue to provide interesting stories, tips and all topic that relevant for brides
Thank you for all the support and keep on reading us!
With that, welcome to the new look for 4weddingku Blog

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Dear Brides,

In 2014, In Sha Allah we will be bringing the new look of 4weddingku Blog very soon. This includes some refresh on our contents and links. Boy we are very excited. Tell us what else do you need for us to improve. Meanwhile, you can still get our updates through our 4weddingku Facebook and Twitter.


Saturday, December 07, 2013

Pray for all the Year End Brides

The unfortunate stories of Kuantan, Pantai Timur and some places of Johor really made any Malaysian touched. Seeing the old ones and children especially, will always moved me. Can't imagine how they would go through it calmly (tears)

My condolences also goes to any brides that will be having their wedding reception too.. We believed you would have all the back up plan. May Allah blessed you & the event


  {Images from facebook : PosterMuslim}

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Flower Bouquet - Leopard and Sunflower

OMG! This is something that i must share….
It is opposite of demure and non-typical
But for me, it work well…. Congratulations to the creator and brides!
This out of the box bridal bouquet is totally to-die for 4weddingku Blog

{ image from : whimsical wonderland weddings }

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Our Own Pick : Malaysian Wedding Cakes/Bakers (Instagram)

Well, it took us several days to finalised this post.
Although it is just own our pick (opinion)
But we know we must choose wisely so our bride-to-be will keep on having the thrust on us (wink)

Well, what we are going to share this time around is truly MALAYSIAN MADE wedding bakers and creators. Professionals, Celebrities or homemakers, they truly allowed the bride to be to at least have their dream wedding cake! We do not have the opportunity to taste all of 'them' but we believed through the testimonials as read on their IG, they must been insanely delicious.

So dear 4weddingku brides; 
Our Own Pick : Malaysian Wedding Cakes/Bakers (Instagram)

1. #Gateauxlicious
Either the BRAND or the BLOGGER need no introduction. Their design simply breathtaking.
With many A-list customer, #Gateauxlicios has truly amazing creations.

{Image from @asmanasaruddin]

2. @thekitchenguardian
The legal counsel that turned baker, @thekitchenguardian has hit 10,000 followers (and still growing).
Through her picture perfect cakes, we are pretty sure the taste SURELY delicious.

3. @Wondermilk
This label also needs no introduction. We have been their fans even when they have not open up their first shop at UPTOWN. Those adorable cuppies simply delicious. Now, their signature LOLA cakes made beautifully also for wedding.

{Image from food spotting }

4. @cupcakesconfetti

All i need is one word to describe then = GORGEOUS
If you truly adore them and wish to know their secret, you can actually attend their baking class!
Great right! , well sharing is caring.

{Image from cupcakesconfetti.blogspot }

5. @cantiksekali

To be honest, i only got to know this label recently through instagram but this proudly sabahan mothers that know based in Kuala Terengganu bakes really nice cakes. Her design is yet simple but very nice.
Great to know that if i am back at my hubby's place, i know where to get GREAT cakes! Will surely 'taste' them soon!

{Image from }

6. @pearlcakeevents

OK! Seriously, who doesn't know this label! She (that pretty lady names Satira Diana) make amazing cakes. From her Instagram account, it seems that her clients also from the 'A-List' !
From the web reading, the hantaran made for Lisa & Yusry were by PearlCakeEvents.

{Image from pearlcakesevents.blogspot }

7. @sugarandpaste

Well, how can we missed our very own label Sugar&Paste. All cakes and cupcakes are bake by Mya's mom. This home-made cakes are make to perfection without any preservative and detailing mostly to compliment with the hantaran concept by Mya. So, it is like mother-daughter kind of thing!  :)

{ Image from Sugar&Paste }
{ Instagram : Sugarandpaste }

So there you go, our very personal choice of Top Malaysian Wedding Cakes / Bakers found through Instagram. Hope this could open some choices for bride-to-be in searching their 'perfect' cakes for the wedding!


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