Thursday, July 15, 2010

About 10.10.10


It have been a trend in Malaysia (and i think to the rest of the world too) that numbering have been an important elements in wedding.
May be it is because to ease the bride&groom in remembering those dates or that there does bring meaning!

Seriously, i am amongst those bride that just simply choose the date by random. (Yup, asalkan tarikh yang baik dalam islam). Even weird that i did the wed reception on Tuesday (Nak buat macam mana, that hall was the only available on that date).
Kind of think about it, agak kelakarlah... No sentimental touch over the date, but that is the real fact about me!

10.10.10 , i bet ramai yang dah save this date!
I will also be amongst yang busy with task to complete for this date (with gifts and hantaranlah)..
Anyway brides, if 10.10.10 is your date, wake up!! it is not that long journey anymore!
Plan your wed wisely!

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ZARA said...

mine is 1.1.11. 1st January is our anniversary hence taking the date :)

Nora a.k.a Aira said...

hehe kalo xsilap angkawasan negara pun kawen tarikh ini kan =)

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

i suggested this date to my dad last year and you know what his response?

"what's the significant of the date? if it is in binary, it only means one-zero, one zero." saba je la my dad~ huh.

last2, pilih date based on the hall availibility jugak, and there's come the 4th of july. =)

Diebalychouzz said...

saya sanding pun 101010.. cuma nikah ikut pilihan parent. nikah jatuh hari berkerja...

4weddingku.mya said...

Hey Zara...
My baby girl was born 11.01.10. (macam lebih kurang sama kan date!)

Dear Nora aka Aira,
I think so too.. Sure his wed amongst the glamourous one kan!

Dear Purple Lady Aifa,
Hahhah.... i suka lah your dad! sempoi. Sama macam my dad! Sama in the end pilih based on hall availability! (padan muka kitalah kan sapa suruh tak plan betul-betul!)

Hey Dierbalychouzz,
Warh.. ur invitation card will pe printed that date lor.. Nice!!
Btw, love ur DIY for penanggah!!!

Diebalychouzz said...

hurmm npk mcm tulah.. seronok tapi takut.. risau ramai guest yang tak dapat hadir.. sebb ramai rasanya yang sama tarikh.. huu

gee tanx.. idea tu suddenly happen, tu pun masa blogwalking dekat blog crafting.. :)

bluebrownayeisa said...

haha, kena kt batang hidung pla.
been planning to engaged on that day for a year. and from the way i see it, it wont happen. :)

Izyan Darling said...

hello! love your blog! ;)
i'm getting engaged on 101010. i thought of inviting my friends only after raya but bila i fikir balik, baik i 'book' diaorang awal2 sebab takut diaorang ada other events on that day. :)

bak said...

yeahh!haritu pun ada cover engagement on the dates.tapi malangnye ada accident yg teruk gile tu


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