Thursday, January 29, 2015

Questions to ask my wedding photographer

Via our Instagram, we feature our current obsession towards Malaysian Based Wedding Photographer, Qippyphotography. We love every shots they featured and amazed with their gallery. Love Love Love.

I am always bias towards-wedding photography. I believed into it is one good investment to any brides. Beautiful photos bring great memory. Therefore when i started sharing some tips, i consistently remind future brides to spend slightly more time choosing the right official photographer and book them first once you are comfortable with the arrangement and budget. (Actually in our Top 3 to be confirmed list in wedding preparation - 1. Venue, 2. Tok Kadi 3. Wedding Photographer). Trust me, you won't regret!

In this blogpost, i'll be sharing great tips found via Pinterest on - Questions to ask My wedding Photographer. May be you should read it too!

    [ Source : Pinterest ]

                 [ Source : Qippyphotography ]

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