Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Soalan Lazim Tentang Hantaran (Part 1)

Since I do hantarans,
I was asked by many about Hantaran..
So I shall share it with you what i do know (and share apa orang2 tua cakap too) all about HANTARAN.

Normally it started with definition,but i guess in this case i shall skiped it!

1. How many dulang hantaran is the best practice?
There is NO specific how many hantarans are essentials. It is very much dependable upon agreement both sides of family during merisik and engagement ceremony. Although some bride & groom preferred they decide themselves.

However ikut ADAT, there should be in no. ganjil. (5 balas 7) (7 balas 9) (9 balas 11) and etc.
But my dear brides-to-be, now in MODERN life-it seriously isnt about the quantity.Its all about quality! After all it is a 'gift'for our loves one! Why not to spent a lil bit more!

Mya's Tips: By mixing barang2 like (wallet & belt) (Handbag& Shoes) (Fruits&Chocs) can save total quantity of dulangs! It save cost too!

2. What to give as barang hantaran ?
It is always to be reminded that to combine ADAT & MODERN life. Why? Kitakan orang melayu. Penuh adat resam. Since we have skipped many in our daily life so why not save some during wedding! Plus,it will make our mom happy too!

Ikut ADAT, Tepak Sireh or Sireh Junjung is a must! Its like a 'penghulu' of all hantaran. If during discussion, they want tepak sireh then tepak sireh it is. If possible biarlah complete with daun sireh,pinang,gambir and kapur. To read more,view

It is also advisable that all barang hantarans to be mixed with not only material stuff! U know what i mean! Fruits, Cakes, Cupcakes,Halwa or any other kind of pastry or manisan will be nice. It is at least something can be shared with the rest of the family.

Mya'sTips: Buy a good quality fruits (Seedless grapes, dragon fruits or fresh strawberries hantaran). It look nice on ur hantaran and look spledid too! Avoid buying buttercream cakes as its easily melt. We do not want messy hantaran dont we? And pleaseee my dear brides, do not buy a cake from any bakery and straight away put the cake WITH the box on top of your dulang hantaran. Its as if u do not appreciate the art of hantaran. Yes i know it might be the best cake u ever taste but in the box? At least took it out !

Islamic barang are also highly recommended. Stuff like Telekung, Al-Quran, Sejadah, Songkok and Tasbih will make and look its all balanced. Please do not give a reason u cant find something nice & decent to match with the whole concept hantaran as there are now many beautiful & gorgeous design if u managed to visit Jalan T.A.R or everywhere else.

Mya's Tips: Do not find something extraordinary thick or large in size of telekung or sejadah. It will make the dulang extra heavy and complicate during gubahan hanataran process. A simple for ordinary use material will be perfect!

As other stuff, it very much depends on bride & groom's favourite. Brides-to-be seems expert nowadays giving really nice & cool hantaran. Please do not afraid to be out of the box by giving casual loafers ladies shoes or digital cameras or books or pair of gloves or even PS3. As long these makes u both happy! why not!

Mya's Tips: Get something that bride & groom can and will use/apply after marriage. Not something that look nice but with high potential not to be used then. For sweet memory purpose, get something else that your ordinary used. Example- if you are loyal fan of GUESS Handbags, for a change try other brands. At least it will create that 'this is my hantaran' factor& feelings when you share this with your friends & family ...(u know what i mean right?)


hidden.wing said...

totally agreed on cakebox, especially for those buying Secret Recipe's...showing-off the box but hiding the yummy cake is somehow a waste. my 2 cents ;)

Mrs. Amie said...


Hari tue one of my clients cerita, dia gaduh dengan mak dia just bcoz of strawberry...she insist nak bagi buah strawberry, tapi mak dia tak bagi sbb ikut org tua2 nie biasala...buah tue masam... gaduh teruk nie smpai mak dia suruh dia makan buah tue time tu jugak... i was laughing... kelakar...hihihi..

Tapi all your tips nie, mmg betullah...good tips for future bride...

O ya, satu lagi i nak tambah la.. skrg nie kan trend oversize handbag... but i think, kalau nak bagi handbagyg terlalu besar nie, fikir la yer.. tak muat dulang nak letak bag tue.. hehehe.. just an advice~

Neway, good tips!

xeea said...

agree with the edible hantarans. like cookies, fruits, chocolates etc.

wedding is all about family NOT only the bride and groom. at least there's treats for the non stop help and courage.

RULES : buy something practical. NOT something to show off.

dua kupang saya saja. =)

4weddingku.mya said...

Betul sangat hidden wing! I saja lah tak nak sebut 'brand' tu kan!Ada sometimes siapn gan that plastic knife!Arh! i sometimes nak betulkan ajer hantaran tu! kita tahulah semua secret recepie cake mahal & sangatlah sedap...but brides-to-be, please do consider this tips ok!

And Mrs Amie..kelakar lah citer u tapi somehow kata2 orang tua kita kena accept jugak! Its also true that strawberry are fragiles, bayangkan kalau bride tak pilih yg cantik & fresh.. strawberry hitam & busuk! Mesti tak lawa & not nice to be given as hantaran!!
And about that oversized bag!! OMG! i memang agreed! Jgnlah terlalu Oversized sampai dulang pahar tembaga tu macam nak tumbang. My experience onced with this oversize bag memang susah sangat nak di buat! In the end tie reben ajer.
ThanksMrs.Amie on the additional tips!

and Xeea!" wedding is all about family NOT Only bride&groom"--> Its really a nice ones! & that Rules of yours, totally supported by 4wedddingku!

anna r said...

i was looking for ideas on hantaran and i came across your blog. thanks for the great tips!

tapi...there's something yang I selalu confuse... untuk hantaran, sape yang kasi lebih? bride or groom?

tinie3 said...

Hi Mya&Dyana
I am actually a silence reader of all your blogs. Love every of them. But 4weddingku blog will be the best for me to read as im getting married coming December.

You have so many great links and story to tell! This tips really good for bakal brides like me!!

Share lah sikit pengalaman ur wedding. U are married right? It must be grand and beautiful!

tinie3 said...

sorry i dont have any blogs.
but this is my email

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie,

I came across your blog and I love it.I was quite lost on what to get for hantaran. Thanks for the idea. My hantaran will be the most basic ones that is the Islamic items for me. Thank you. Talking about sharing I definitely agree. What I don't get it is do we need dulang for the hantaran or can just use base?

Confuse Girl..

4weddingku.mya said...

Dear Anna,
Selalunya girls bagi lebih sikit. Tapi no worries on budget. Just get some food or fruits. At least tak nampak lah kiter ni material sangat! Plus, it can be shared by family and friends

Dear Tinie3.
Yup, we all are married sumwhere 1-3 years ago! Pengalaman wedding i? actually u can browse thru from my previous posting! Siap gaduh ngan mama pasal khemah pun ada! heheheh

Hi Confuse Girl.
Please not to be worry about Basic Barang for Hantaran. It is totally fine. As for dulang pulak, actually it will be better with DULANG Especially like u have mentioned, u are to give islamic items. I guess, its not good to put Al-Quran serendah kaki. I hope you will consider this. Thank U and keep on reading us ok!

Anonymous said...

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