Saturday, November 21, 2009

Talking about Lingerie (WITH HIM)

Sometimes in planning, bride-to-be focus too much on the big day,
and forget something else equal important for thr first night.
YES, u knows what's the topic i am talking about - The Lingerie.
The really small thingy that will bring life another fantasy.

Modern brides now are more open talking about it.
We do ask around with HIM, bestie and even our mom!
We all shared stuff like that to whoever we feel confortable.

The question is, why should we being too shy asking about it-especially with HIM?
It is afterall for your husband, aka S-U-A-M-I yang Sah! (Dah dapat green light kan!)
However, does not to the extend shared it with everyone else
or show it/post it/ or view it to many.
Make it very special and it to be meant for you & HIM.

So here are some questions to ponder:-

1. Which type does he likes?
(Satin, cotton, lacey, nightie, pyjamas, the two pieces, etc)
2. What is his favourite colour?
(White, Red, Black, Pink or anything else shocking)

3. What kind of design he prefers?
(Just plain one, flowery, sexy printed design, etc)

4. How daring he wants?
(Transparency, G-String, Lace, etc)

5. Last but nor least, may be you could drag him along few days before the weds,
SURELY he has some imagination that already playing in his mind,

or BY SURPRISE, me be he already got a gift for you for that special night.

{Lingerie by: The Lake & Stars }


farhanna said...

wow... nice n a bit sexy..

4weddingku.mya said...

Kalau badan mcm heidi klum pakai lawa lah kan! Tapi kalau mcm "kentang" mcm mya mcm mana? hehehehhe

Anonymous said...


@wE said...

normally husband zaman sekarang mmg bole bawak sembang pasal lingerie. tp derang malu nk beli dpn kite. so ape salahnye kalo bia je derang beli ape derang suke. kan lagik surprise camtu. kan?

syanaim said...

::nice choice..huhu seram plak nak pakai::

4weddingku.mya said...

Tapikan @we, kalau diorang g beli sorang-sorang tak pe, kalau ajak another guy-friend, lagi diorang kena gelaks kot. Tapi kalaou u diorang g with another kawan pompuan.. bahaya lah!! heheheh"nanti i perang besar you see!!"

warever we choose, kena ada self confidence nak pakai kan!

@wE said...

iskk, xkn nk bawak member time beli tu. tats y i nk ikut beli. tp die tak bagi. erm, wonder y.

btui tu. self confidence sgt penting, agak seram tgk camtu, tp utk husband kan. takpe je kot. :D

Anonymous said...

i ada koleksi sexy nighties for sale(*_-)


a.i.n.u.n. said...

good advice. tried it with my fiancee but dia sgt malu and just told me to choose myself. sgt x sporting.. hee...

4weddingku.mya said...

Bukan tak sporting ler A.I.N.U.N! masih segan tu.. or may he thought you are 'testing' him... or to some guy... its their 'pride&ego'. So choose to 'SURPRISE' him!!

Anonymous said...

when I went for holiday with my group of girlfriends, we singgah a lingerie shop at pavillion KL. It was good cos the experience ones all contribute and share opinions with me :)

choclairissa @ intan said...

*shy shy* (even dah kawen..apekah?) ahahhaa

Miss Dilla said...

hye mya..thanks for this post.. never though of it pon.. Mebi leh letak dlm checklist nt :)

oh, btw i'm b2b from Penang! :)

4weddingku Blog said...

Hi Miss Dilla...yeah, bride sometime tend to forget (or buat lupa2 :) .... But in the end, syurga kita bersama suami. Nothing wrong to consider what make our men happy. (or even us!) Look good and pretty ALWAYS for him.


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