Tuesday, September 02, 2014

A gift for a Muslim Bride ; A must read book

Many bride-to-be prepared them self for their big day.
We have checklist making sure all things to do are done rightly.
We have dedicated blog writing our beautiful journey
But have we prepared our self inside?

Apart attending Kursus Kahwin, there are much more things to know carrying a responsibilities as wife.
After 5 years of marriage, i myself still in the learning process to be a better wife
So my advise to dear future bride; grab this book - A Gift for a Muslim Bride. 
Some knowledge which i think worth to read before you said i DO.
Reading on some stories of some exemplary women in Islam, In Sha Allah could also give you some guidance and how we, dear wife could earn the pleasure of Allah through following the Quran and Sunnah Nabi Muhammad (saw)

I got mine at Kinokuniya KLCC at only RM49 (Hard Cover Book)

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4weddingku Blog said...

sorry, probably problem with our email. Alternatively, you can also email to myaanddyana@gmail.com

Thanks darling

Eunice Loi said...

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Roger Ooi HK said...

Normally, i wish to receive weeding gift from door gift for eg.. Chocolate Malaysia.


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