Saturday, February 13, 2016

How do brides saved up for their wedding ?

Saving up for wedding, can be a hard but totally worth it.
So how do normally brides saved up for their wedding?

Here are some tips and tricks you could apply
1. Earn extra income via side business (This could top up the Photo Booth/ Candy buffet/ Hand Bouquet charges)
2. Save 10% from any money that comes in
3. Prudent spending
4. Map a monthly budget to accommodate the TOTAL budget
5. Seek sponsorship from close family members / friends (GOOD LUCK!)
6. Commit to a short term investment that would give absolute return when the time comes
7. Create "piggy bank" for specific reason. e.g for "Baju Cantik Rizalman". Once its 'full', make the necessary payment or get someone to put it aside. Then, create another reason.
8. It's time to clear your wardrobe. Sell your pre love items via Carousell
9. Cut back in the areas that weren't necessity
10. Be that smart bride. Skip anything that is not important or DIY if possible. With that you could saved more!

Happy Planning dear 2016 brides!

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