Friday, November 30, 2007

Giving money replacing gift is norm in Malaysia. well, sometimes it even preferred by the bride her self. This cash would be moreuseful to clear debts or even preparation for honeymoon or entering their new house. It also however depends how close you are with the bride's family. We tend to give higher if we close or relative.

How to gift?.. well normally we insert it into the ang pow or a small envelope. Its either u just congratulates the brides or write up your name if you wants!. Who to give - its either the parents of the bride & groom themselve.

Here are some 4weddingku ang pau tips.

Hotel : RM50-RM100
Home : RM20-Rm50


Azlina Abdul said...

I have a story to share too about this money giving replacing the gifts ! I have clients ordering from me small A7 size card or a bit bigger for them to put in their the angpow money in it to give to the bride and groom!The card is left blank inside and have flowery deco on the outside. :). I believe that giving angpow is a lot better than receiving gifts as it will help the bride and groom a lot in their wedding expenses etc :).

of twilight and dreams said...

Money if by far preferred rather than set of teas or glassware that we will never use.

As for me, if I were giving money, I will give it to the bride+groom themselves rather than to the parents, because I want them to use the money for themselves. The rate tend to be higher if they are closer relatives, compared to neighbours or friends.

:) :) :)


little miss kechik said...

yea.. dough would be good, rather than getting 5 kipas. teehee. but RM20? babe.. recheck your dosh.. i think it goes as high as rm200! hahaha!


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