Thursday, August 22, 2013

the Wedding Ring

Choosing a ring can be total a nightmare
Especially when Bride-To-Be were open to OPTIONS
Hence, normally we are always have that little preference which type of RING are you.
Well the 'homework' can always be done way earlier... :)

Well, read marthastewartweddings on Glossary of Engagement Ring Cuts.
They have which i think a complete guide for MEN in getting the 'perfect ring'
Gilletts Jewellers also provides great advices in choosing ring.
However i love reading Weddingpath post!
So dear Bride-To-Be, educate yourself first as to some. As to some, is being seen as symbol of steadfast devotion and unending love.

But, to may be a little group of brides in Malaysia, they prefer CUSTOMIZE rings.
It is more personal and suits your very own detailing.
Price can be slightly higher but i know, it will meant more to our love one...

Source of Images : Facebook Radiance Diamond

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