Saturday, July 13, 2013

Every newlywed issues - New Home

I think this has been a norm topic that being discussed for the newly wed.
To buy or To rent?
Landed or High Rise Condo?
City Centre or Sub Urban?
And believed me, the questions never stop there...

If you or your partner have the early prep owning a property before wed,
potentially this would not be that much issue i believed,
But for those who are still in their baby steps building career and family,
The are much more to think.

Property could be anyone nightmare especially when sort of can't afford to own one
And please do not even start with the "dream house"
Believed me, not everyone as lucky as someone or like you.
A new landed house in Klang Valley will easily cost you millions!
With a budget of less RM500k, probably you can own an old house or a newly launched SOHO
But if you are willing to settle down a lil bit outskirt, I believed you could scout some nice house.

So my dearly bride to be, here are my thoughts:-
1. Make early preparation - Own a property at early age.
2. Be willing to sacrifice something now for something else in the future, dream house vs affordable house

Let's be a smart bride!

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FY said...

go with affordable first and once market price goes up..sell the house and buy the dream house..but make sure the affordable one is good and have potential =)


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