Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Know your body type first!

As you are browsing the local wedding magazines,
You stumbled upon several beautiful dresses (mostly at the REAL WEDDING Articles available at several pages at the end of the magazine)
And you slowly you said "She looks great in this" and... "I want to have my wedding dress to be like this too..."
But have you wonder, does that particular design will look good at your body type?

One of of Bride-To-Be 101 in choosing the right Wedding Dress is to always know your body type first.
Through her blogpost, i found this simple reference

Understanding your body shape will avoid you looking "NOT RIGHT" or in other words, 
"So RENTED GOWN". Hence, I have 3 tips avoiding these when you found your preferred wedding dress photo at other bride's photo.

1. Analyse THAT particular bride body type first. Why it look good on her. Is it also because of her radiance skin that enhance her wedding dress colour?

2. Talk to your friends on your pick. Nothing wrong to get some feedback especially from your BFF

3. Share the photos with your Tailor on your pick BEFORE you purchase the 'Kain" from store. They would give valuable comments

Good luck!

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