Monday, February 04, 2013

Winners for 4weddingku Blog Awards 2012

Hi darlings,
As some already knew, we have announced the winner for 2012 4weddingku Blog Awards via the Bride Blog Gathering recently.
We were invited as their special guest.
So with that, we had the 15 minutes special appearance from the host.
We shall review more on the event in our next post. (Dyana couldn't make it, so it was only Mya)

I must share this, picking the winner for this year was the toughest of all.
Reason simply because the trend of blogging nowadays are slightly different than the old days especially from the content perspective.
It is quite a challenge to search blog that just share on wedding journey/tips.
But as i mentioned in the event, as it nothing wrong with that.
We must blog something that we have complete passion, so if the passion are multi interest i.e photography, cooking, shopping etc, so be it.
However, the blog layout and design are way cool-er and gorgeous. Simply amazing to know as mostly are made by the bride itself!
I also fall salute how structured bloggers nowadays i.e. categorizing via state, year etc.
So much clean and neat.

First of all, we would like to thank all other bloggers that nominate and introduce your link to us.
You have add to our already very long list for blogwalking. hehe.

As previous years, some might not fully agreed to our pick but we believed, they have all the criteria.
2012 winners, will be getting our small tokens for your handwork..
So dear winners, congratulations. Please drop your address via what app to me, 012.9977441 to postage purposed.

Again, congratulations and keep on blogging darlings.

Teaser, on our next entry:

Bride Blogger Gathering l 3Feb2013 l FloraTerrace l
Be sure check this space.
More pictures are as per uploaded in our Instagram acc : Myaanddyana


Zimie said...

thank you so much 4weddingku. thank you so much mya. *clueless* :D

4weddingku.mya said...

We believed you deserved it girl! keep on blogging beb ...

FarizAtie said...

tahniah happy to see u myaaa. ^_^... haa rina btol la most glamourous blogger ..ngeh3

alyn said...

Omg!thank you so much dear 4weddingku. so honored to received such award from you! Will keep on blogging & inspired all the brides to be 2013. More interesting posts to come ! :D

Nisa Dawi said...

thanks a lot!~


orked violet @ SYA said...

congratulation to all the winners. They are indeed great bride-bloggers =)

Norhazrina Abdul Hamid said...

tqsm 4weddingku. still terkejut! btw cntik sgt hadiah *hugss*

FY said...

Mya..thanks a lot!! my first blogging award..the feeling is incredible awesome *feeling menang grammy award pulak* hehe..

Renee Meow said...

Congratz to all winner..!! well deserved..! :D


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