Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bride Blog Gathering - The Review

Sorry darlings, this entree come later than expected..
(well better be late than never right)

Here are cover stories on this,
The event was organised by Ex-B2b which also a member of a Bride-to-be Group
The objective of it from what i observed simply to share stories and social meet up
So, we decided to attend to this special invitation when the organiser personally email us.
With some repropose of ideas, we finally mutually agreed on our session.

First of all, the venue;
Flora Terrace is already a beautiful cozy restaurant. Decoration was glamorous enough!
Food are pretty much an OK i would rate. However love their fruit punch drink and tarts!
But most importantly, their services are great! Nice friendly waiter/waitress.

The Vendors;
The organiser had arranged some cool vendors just outside of the venue.
Wedding service provider (also bloggers) and hijab booths took part.
I think this idea is cool! At least participants had other activities to do, while waiting for the event or the Que. for long Que. for tea!. They are;
+Kalila Shawl (i bought cool shawl from her)
+Farah Zaheeda for The Duchess
+Ann Magnifique Planer
+Renee Meow Wedding Works

The Event;
As you already knew, the Agenda of the event was pretty much straight
A platform for social meet up, the organiser has prepared light and relax itinerary for the participants.
Time were properly monitored making the event went smooth.
Special bravo to the emcee of the event that make the event lively!
Congratulations to the team organiser.

The Sponsors;
Being an independence organiser, they have charged a reasonable price for participants.
They were also lucky to be recieving many kind sponsors.
They are:-
+Sugar Sweets
+Candy Buffet Candy Buffet
+The official photographer ; FUNthography
+The official media ; Inspirasi Perkahwinan
+Creative genius printable

For full story; visit the Organiser; Bride Note Blog aka 2012 4weddingku Blog Awards Winner - Most Fabulous Bride.

i had fun and hope to meet all of you again one fine day.
Nice meeting all of you!


Shakina Farhan said...

Dapat invitation jugak tapi jarak tidak mengizinkan..huhu..

choclairissa@intan marliana said...

sorry have to decline the invitation..inshaAllah ade rezeki..we'll meet one day :)
all the best dear :)


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