Saturday, March 03, 2012

For 2012, peach is the new Pink...

For 2012 only,
We have recieved many inquiry on Gubahan Hantaran in sweet peach colour.
Every month so far there is always brides confirmed this colour for them (for Big day)
For us, it blend well with gold, silver and white background.

This colour in our opinion simply create that relax romantic mode!
It does also bring that fresh look rather than typical pink flowers.

Source : www.lovelybrides.c0m

Tips; Dont be scared to mix and match colour!


Renee Meow said...

so agree..!! peach is IN..! i love to see 2012 wedding trends will be more in peach+black (oh so chic!) and also peach+mint/tiffany like dis one..

4weddingku.mya said...

Kan! Peach & black? Macam theme baju raya mya tahun ni aja! Hehhehehe... Btw, how are u PUAN????

Renee Meow said...

wah so chic..! :D puan renee is fine, hehee.. thanks for asking.. :D how bout u guys?


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