Saturday, March 10, 2012

After weds, is it still relevant to blog?

From me observation, now many bride-to-be blog on their wed journey.
This has become a healthy trend for the past few years
And we are among bloggers who really enjoyed it!
Seriously! ... with DIY Story and where best to get 'this' and 'that' stuff,
it is unavoidable to read them!

However normally after their 'weds', not many have become actively blogging
Some, just let the blog being hiatus
Some, created another url portraying new topics .
Either way, you know yourself better.
Would you still have the same kind of passion
Or you would continue to inspire others.

Here is my opinion.
People normally blog what is their best interest
By that, you will write something truly meaningful
And additionally, you would inspire many of your blog reader's out there.
So think about it.
Housewife, pregnancy, cooking are all life after weds
Many more to share.
Keep on blogging! But talk something relevant to your life.

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Fie said...

I agree. After my wedding, I changed the title of my blog to something more fitting. That said, I'll still talk about weddings because I've become obsessed.

4weddingku.mya said...

Btw.. Im so following ur blog now..
Like you tab tittle. Kitchen talk, wedding, diy, lifestyle etc..
Its truly a housewife life!


choclairissa @ intan marliana said... share with u..i actively blogging after married..why? sebab byk lesson learnt to share..i am now more open and bit 'wise' when sharing about wedding :)

FY said...

I love to blog about wedding..never make me tired =)

ryy.han said...

blogging lps kawen rasanya lg bnyk stories - pregnancy, life lps kawen, even masak2..

but its hard to keep the momentum..sbbnya time pregnant kdg dtg mood malas...then once dh ada anak, struggling with almost everything...once dh ok, anak plak sama2 nk "menaip" laptop..end up limited time...(ok mlm2 buta update blog..pstu sume xpublish sbb tulis sekerat - this apply to me)

Renee Meow said...


honestly i admit im one of those on 'hiatus' after married...haha. sbb xde pics n susah nk online. but i'll definitely wont stop talking n blogging about my wedding n wedding stuffs just like u all..! :) wedding is my interest n passion...

Xora said...

passion menulis masih ada. cuma kekangan waktu sahaja yg membataskan. tapi tetap cuba menulis post.

cuma kdng2 tak terkejar dgn trend2 perkahwinan yg baru2 ni.. hehe..

mr&ms bOZhiCkA said...

relevant..supaya dapat membantu dan memberi info yg best kat bride to be yg lain like me..heeee.. feel free untk ke blog saye


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