Saturday, February 25, 2012

Gorgeous Wedding

If you are our facebook followers;
You must saw this picture we shared through our facebook friends.

When i first saw it, a mix thoughts arised!
A great combo of beautiful bride + gorgeous wedding gown
+ Great shoot (credit OP)+amazing dais!

The fact, great colour combination of all
Amazed how it compliment every details
Will make any wedding stunning!

This picture courtesy of;
+ Wedding Gown Designer : Hariz Zakwan
+ Pix : Peveyhack Photography
+ Beadswork by : Anies Saffin
(all info abstract from Facebook)

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Nana Syazana said...

check out my 11.11.11 wedding :)



my private beach wedding,

hehe. thanks! ;)


Shakina Farhan said...

nice kan? the bride junior i masa sekolah rendah & the groom plak 1 batch sekolah menengah..
peveyhack as OP mmg puas hati..

mr&ms bOZhiCkA said...

waaa...nice nya baju..huhu..


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