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Top 10 Toiletries for Hantaran

In most hantaran, toiletries will be amongst the popular either to bride or groom

Its simple and practical! (Meaning pretty sure we will utilise it!). I mean, we are talking on basic stuff - lotion, cream, deodorant, EDT or anything related!

There will be 2 type of choosing factor .
1. They (bride&groom) will choose their ordinary brand - why waste on something unsure that they will love & used them ?
2. They will choose something new to their life - a lil bit extra budget than daily use, (ye lah.. hantaran kan!)

After making many2 hantaran, here is my own Top 10 list of most popular & practical toiletries to the bride.

No.10 -Biotherm
A water based products. Love the smells and price are reasonable. Simple packaging & practical for daily used. Available for both bride&groom. Budget RM200 per set.

No.9 - L Occitane
Their stores seems county decor. Nice smell but my personal passion to own this is lacked. Nice packaging with exclusive look. Budget RM350 per set.

No.8 - Skin Food
Have become very popular lately. Its in very cute packaging yet affordable. A korean based company that offer wide range of selection toiletries, make up to beauty products. Love their shop decor. Chomel! Budget RM150 per set.

No.7 - Origins
'Powered by Nature-Proven by Science'. Have used this products back 10 years ago. Loving it. Simply nature. Also available for bride&groom. Exclusive packaging. Budget RM300 per set.

No.6 - SKII
The most popular item of this brand is surely the hero - The facial treatment essense. Need no further explanation as i am one of the million users. Very practical. Mostly are from Type 1 brides as well. Category of High end product. But simply worth it! Budget RM500 per set.

No.5 - La Mer
'La Mer for a lifetime'. (Dengar pun dah GAH kan!). Wide range of products. CREME DE LE MER is the most coveted cream in the world. A luxury brand. But why it is in no.5 on my list, caused i never try it so there is no proven records to nominate this product to be my Top 3 brand! Budget RM2,000 per set.

No.4 - Crabtree & Evelyn
Loving the smell of this product. Entering to their store create romantic mood inside of me. My favourite smell is the lavender. Perfect for gift ideas as their sets are packed in very attractive packaging. To enjoy most, visit their store during christmas month, to get good deal. Budget RM200 per set.

No.3 - BodyShop
A very practical yet affordable product. Suit mostly everyone as they offer from beauty skin to bathing and cosmetics! From fruity smells to all type of flowers. Very active in - Againts Animal Tetsing Campaign. Easy to locate as they have stores nationwide. Budget RMm150 per set.

No.2 - Victoria Secret
Huhu. I think every chic girl in the city will definely have try at least one of their secret garden collection. My favourite is Strawberry & Champagne and of course, pure seduction. Im a also a die hard fan of their Lip Gloss! Who ever are addicted to this, surely have tried more than 1 smell. Unavailable in malaysia but easily purchase via online, flea market in klang valley or direct purchase. Unavailable in nice packaging as normally brides will mix and match from shampoo too body lotion. Budget RM200 per set. (Bila lah their store nak sampai Malaysia kan...)

No.1 - Bath & Body Works
This is my personal preference! Introduced from another bride-to-be during my wedding. So in love in every smells. Loving their Signature Collection. Body Mist is my favourite as its long lasting. Japanese Cherry Blossom and Sweet Pea amongst fav! Also unavailable in Malaysia. Never try direct order from US but order via virtual friend in Singapore. Budget RM250 per set(Bila lah their store nak sampai Malaysia jugak kan!)

Picture from Google Images

Note : This is mya's own pick! May differs from other opinion.


Anonymous said...

I luv BBW and VS...

Mya -- i like to intro u to Luna Bleu... delish fragrance...
if you like yummy foody and fruity kind of bath n lotions..

do check them out

4weddingku.mya said...


The online shop ni nampak pun macam nak makan. Someone that realy loves cakes and cupcakes, i can already smell the sweet icing on my body. Thanks for recommendation. Will definitely try one day!!

hana yoriee said...

owhhh..i would love to have no.2 or no.4 as for my masa christmas boleh dapat byk diskaun ye??hurmm..tak tau sempat or tak coz my wedding tentatively wud be like a week before christmas..huhu..owh, btw..yg no.2 tu boleh dpt dekat KLIA.haritu terserempak kat arriving hall..=)

si kecil said...

ok sudah rambang mata! hahaha..thanks for the info..dah bleh goda2 encik tunang mintak yg best2 ni..hehe

~ thalhazlin ~ said...

loves Body shop. hee ;p

Two Souls With A Single Thought said...

bath and body works mmg best. been using their lotion for quite sometimes now. highly recommended to b2b yg nk buat hantaran. kt malaysia xde jual kt kedai but u can always find it at blogshop :)

Andrew said...

Men are focusing more on beauty products than women. Now I am about to include a new toiletry product, a great deal is out online which is extremely beneficial for students and working people like me who like to move around.

Ijan said...

Seronok kalau BBW dan VS dapat datang Malaysia. Their sister company La Senza dah ada kat Malaysia kan. So hopefully diaorang pun sudi datang. :)


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