Monday, June 07, 2010

Blog Review : The Babbles of A Bride

Its the Blog Review of The Month (June) time .... (My fav part now of blogging here)

Again.. i was looking for something interesting to be shared with my readers.
And i was attracted to this (again) pre-love wedding pictures.

A very cute couple (i bet diorang ni happy go lucky)
Taking pictures while they were in high school.
(Barangkali they met during school time kot)
But what ever it is... they are soooo cute!
Dressing up in that uniform.. arh sangat choomel!

She is Elly Anaille blogging via the Babbles of a Bride being describe as a simple girl who loves fashion and everything pretty. She is busy preparing her weds (in 4 months plus) within a shoe string budget and enjoy second of it --> Mya is loving this!

To Elly.. Keep in blogging and share many more creative ideas!

All photos are taken/courtesy of the Blog Creator - bride-to-be


Anonymous said...

wah... congratulations to Elly!!!

kay kamal said...

i pon suke their pre-wed piccies..cute..

Anonymous said...

Excellent topic

Some of my friend on
told me about this.

I think this is best!


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