Sunday, January 11, 2009

Soalan Lazim tentang Hantaran (Part2)

3. When is the best time to buy barang-barang Hantaran?

When is the right time can be very subjective. Reasons why is because if you are brides that very much concern on "Up to Date" and "Budget" is never been an issue, anytime will be the right answers. Chrismast Season is also amogst the best times to shop as bout iques will provide many New Arrivals and it will be packaged in so much beautiful wrap too!

But if you are a lil bit of 'cost contraints' and having Last Season handbags never bothers too! , (Which many brides do!), buying barang-barang hantaran staggeredly will make u less feeling the pain purchasing those expensive stuffs! Let so, you have A YEAR duration until your solemnisation, buying stuff every 2 months will be a smart thing to do! Even smarter if you could purchased them during sales! Carnival Sales or even Warehouse Sale. Take
this Website, shoppingNsales as your ultimate guidelines! (hehe)

Mya's Tips: Have u ever considered buying online? Buying toiletteries sets of Victoria Secrets will be so much cheaper n easier just by ordering online through their offcial website; Victoria Secret! As for those yg lagi having tight budget, buying branded authentic handbags can be convinience & affordable (Why-Because sometimes they offer installment! hehhe) No worries on their originallity as some come with paperbag & Code Tags. I can't highlight which blog/web, but u girls are clever right! U'll found many local blogs do so!

4. What is the best concept for my hantaran?

Well, beauty depends on the beholder! Simplicity for you might be too simple or still over doing it for some people! Fresh Flowers might be 'leceh' for some brides. Hence, it again very much depends on bride-to-be preference!

However, i would personally suggest to match your hantaran concept with your Solemnisation or Reception's Concept! (Again, i mentioned CONCEPT! Not Colour). Eg, if you are using English Concept, perhaps your gubahan hantaran can be in a very english look too! If u're in Classic Look, your hantaran can be in that concept too! Reason i highlighted not COLOUR is because bride-to-be always do this; "my baju nikah is pink, pelamin in pink, scallop khemah in pink so i want a pink hantaran lah!". (Seriously.. this is no joke!) Please avoid doing this as you will end up having a gaudy reception! If you still wishes to stick with colour theme, then please have right combination of colour ; (eg pink & pastels), (red, white & grey), (the blue family) and many more.

Mya's Tips: By having varieties of ideas will enhanced the bride-to-be's creativity if you are DIY your gubahan hantaran. (1 concept with butterfly, semua dulang ada that big stokin butterfly). Perhaps if to have that butterfly in same colour & material for all dulang, try having them in many sizes too. It will create that 'SAMA TAPI TAK SERUPA" concept! My very own principle in making hantaran ; Less is MORE.

5. How to display my hantaran?

It is advisable that Hantarans to be made at least 1 month before your reception. This will avoid mal-function of the magic wonders hot glue, avoid spiderman buat banyak lagi sarang and at least maintain the 'aura' art of hantaran. Before presenting it, all hantarans to be displayed accordingly. Upon 'hand over' you can either presented dulang per dulang by the 'dayangs' or simply placed it directly before the reception even begins. It make less hassle to everyone.

Current trend, brides would like to have their own 'para' displaying the hantarans. For me, it is totally fine and depends on bride's preference. As long it been presented gracefully! (Ada Alas lah & disusun selari...)

Mya's Tips: Do not think about this questions too much. That memory of your beautiful hantarans been made will be more long lasting to your guest rather how it been presented. Again; As long it been presented gracefully.. that is good enough for me!


~ms tepung~ said...

agree time is subjective..the good things beli awal xle rasa sengkek towards wedding but have to keep it for somethimes ~ which sometimes geram je sbb xleh pakai lg

Sarah Jumaat said...

great tips mya!keep on writting.Lambat lagi nak kahwin tapi been a good guide for me!

styleingenius said...

beli awal memang best and about the blog shop memang sangat jimat..for those deisgner handbags pun boleh dapat 30-50% off boutique price... best2!

Installment plan is the best idea of getting designer stuff and I also thinking of getting Victoria's Secret for my hantaran gift! :)


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