Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Si Copycat

No one said that business never been easy especially online. Staying competitive and uniquely different is totally 4weddingku or my very own survival kit. Although we have faces many challenges eg AUTO UN-LISTED in FOTOPAGES DIRECTORY, email intruded and many more! (The list can go on and on). We still keep on flying high and higher.

However, lately this thing have been bothering me so much as I was being told, being highlighted and been buzzed by few friends, previous and future customer about this. (Even from another wedding service provider too). Someone has been following my ‘style’. Let me said it clearly, “STYLE” and not “STUFF”.”

“STYLE” for me, meaning the lay out, advertisement and other small stuff. I have developed the marketing & branding strategy of 4weddingku (under label- MyaandDyana) since it started. Until now, we knew that we might not be the biggest, the perfect and the most popular in what we are doing but personally I know, that we have inspired others too (Based on real confession). Seriously, it is not wrong when u have your own idol. I look high on ‘sifu’ on this industry such as kak shaja and I adore many as per listed in my list on the sidebar. But I am here where I am on my own style. Tak perlu lah untuk meniru style orang lain untuk naik. Eventually u will be there also if u have that hardwork and wishes.

Sifat Dengki-mendengki & ikut jalan shortcut will probably make u reaching there but will u stay long..?A philosophy I borrowed by someone I respect:-

“Tak payah berlari nak sampai tempat tu..Nanti penat. Kalau Jalan pun tetap sampai. Boleh mengamati & menghargai apa yang dilalui lagi”.
So for Miss Copycat; I wont get angry with you. But I am disappointed for someone who I think smart enough can not think another step higher by having her own brand strategy. (xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx.fotopages.com)


suz@LFP said...

well said Mya!

sher said...


lyssmaida said...


kaki ciplak ni mmg merata2..tak kisah ler kita ni meniaga apa pun mesti ada jugak manusia yg tak reti nk usaha sndiri..nk dijadikan criter, akak pun penah lalui mende mcm ni..klau setakat 'pinjam' idea pastu olah sikit2 ke, main tambah2 kat mana perlu ke takpe la..ini tidak main tiru seketoi je..start dari layout sampai la ke logo pun tiru gak..sakit ati tul..kita perah otak siang malam nk hasilkan sesuatu utk biz kita, senang2 je ciplak..bila kita sound kat dia, senang je dia kata yg tu idea dia, pastu siap pesan kat kami "takyah dok bising2, klau nk pi register" kat kementerian ape tah..alaa yg 'mrs.lu kaya' kt dlm tv tu ler..
tapi takpe laa..kita tgk je takat mana dia boleh pi..sikit ari si kaki ciplak tu akan tau langit tggi rendah..nk lari mana kan..pi mai pi mai tang tu gak..Allah nmpak apa kita buat..so mya sabor je la..

Anonymous said...

Dyana Point of View : )

Well sum people they just dun have the creativity to think out of the box...for me / myaanddyana branding strategy aka marketing and advertising is sumthing that we create out of passion and we put ourself in the eyes of the consumer (imagining we are the bride is sumthing that we love doing )...we are small entrepeneur that believe "it" will happen...slowly but surely..to those who wish or intend to follow us/ copy us...think twice coz we, mya especially has put a lot of effort to create a different(blog+fotopages)from others...try not to be like "Ch**a" coz at the end of the day...truth will prevail..

Mrs. Amie said...


This things always happen in this industry.. i pun pernah kena and rasa as I told u before kan...I rasa mmg tak boleh sabar when this things happen ek... sbb penat2 kita buat kerja, senang2 dia amik idea.. lagi best kalau dia menjawab yg dia tak copycat!!!!

But, the truth is, org yg copycat nie, takkan boleh sama dengan kita! sbb it is our idea and kita sebenarnya buat yg lagi terbaik dr dia.. dia takkan boleh pergi jauh... just stay where ever u are.. I know both of u can do it!

Go girls!

azian said...

it's truth...


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