Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hello Mr. Fab....

February is here n no doubt 1st 2 weeks tuuhh... most gift shops decorated wit pink colours & heart shapes decor... sana sini great candle light dinner being offered at exclusive dining restaurant n such... n ONE more thing for sure.. price of roses can goes up to 5 times of now!.. n yes.. we all r talking about Valentine Day..
Ada apa dengan Valentine that many r talking about it... well, none of us in weddingku celebrated Valentine ... for us , as long we r with our loves one.. that is more than enuff... But this time around.. 4weddingku just wanna tributes talking about love & romance.. why love..? Well february just kind of special too... here are some reasons:-

1. its 1 year wed annivesary 2 one of us!..
2. 14th feb is a day 2 celebrate loves...
3. its a birthday celeb to one of us too... 3.2.79
4. it have been 1 month... n she gonna talk bout her 1 month old of weddings.. (pix n story 2 be uploaded)
5. coz... all of us are in loves... so do u!

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