Friday, February 02, 2007

getting a gift sometimes can be easy n sometimes not.. if u ask me to list down gift for a women.. 99 pages woundt enuf.. (rite..) but for man.. can be quite challenging coz depends on their interest...

here are some 4weddingku would agreed n suggest group interest for these categories. .
For Men
.gadget guru(Ipod Nano).outdoor activities(go kayaks).sports fan(football tickets).well dressed(shirts from Zara).music lover(CD).golfing(golf shoes).travel enthusiast(go vacation wit MAS travel fair).creative&artistic(zense decor at ASEANA).home improvement(tools).video gamer(Playstation3).active&healthy(supplements from Himalaya).spiritual or religious(Umrah).pets&animals(cats or hamsters).entertainment (movie tickets-The Holiday)bookworm(tons of books at the Borders).timekeeper(Breitling)
For Women
.fashion shopper(i setan club).beauty&spa(spa treatment at Spa Indrani).creative&artistic(BritishIndia Home).ome decorator(Ikea).Bookworm(romantic love story).movie buff(sleepless in seatle).seduction(La senza).desire(Vera Wang).bling-bling(a platinum ring from D&P).pretty face.(Mac).getting polish(Manicure).

but one thing in total packages we all women wants:-
a box of chocolate wit a bouquet of roses at fancy restaurants

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Anonymous said...

great ideas!...
but i would agree that guys memang susah nak get gift.


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