Wednesday, January 24, 2007

4weddingku likes moree....
If u've seen fotopages directory lately.. there are many personnels offered great services for wedding (photographers/gift/hantaran/planners)... it is great for bride wanna be as it leave them wit many options n more creative ideas.. even 4weddingku have falled in love with few fp that have very nice collections... bangga jugak tengok orang melayu try to find small/extra income from the talent within. Insya Allah let it be a healthy competition amongst all the service provider in fotopages community.

Withhere... we have updates many more links that 4weddingku likes...
New column .. A honeymoon destinations introduced for those brides wanna be to plan.. Its a local destination!!.. (Visit Malaysia 2007 kan!!)

In conjuction... 4weddingku is introducing ;-

Its another idea of 4weddingku;
a personalised & creative gift favors (..and for personnel collectors too)...

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Anonymous said...

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