Friday, January 19, 2007

Decoding the terms..

while i was browsing the newly Bride magazine.. i found a very interesting article.. its about the secret language of wedding gowns.. hurm...

1. BASQUE : Waistline style that cuts low on the hips to add more curves
2. BOIS DE ROSE : A greyish red shade
3. CAVIAR BEADS : Soft, tiny plastic beads that can be tinted, dyed or colour
4. CHANTILLY LACE : Delicate silk lace scalloped along one edge with an outlined design
5. CHIFFON : Sheer, transparent fabric made from silk/rayon.
6. DUCHESSSE SATIN: A blend of silk and rayon woven to look like satin
7. EMPIRE : Gowns with high waistline (below the bust) that falls to a slimmer skirt
8. EPAULETTE : A type of shoulder ornoment
9. JACQUARD : Decorative woven patern
10.GEORGETTE : Silk n polyester has crinkled crepe-like silk
11.MERMAID : Close fitting cut through the bodice to the hips with a skirt that flares at the lower calf
12.MILLE-FEUILLE : Means thousand layers in French

hurm... interesting rite...

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