Thursday, August 31, 2006

My eyes were caught with ..
A successful marriage requires falling in love many times,..
and always with the same person.
wow..indahnyer not that jiwangs kind of person..but i into that mushhy mood..(aku sedang ingin bercinta..kerana mungkin ada kamu disini aku ingin)
Now every spare moment i have is 4weddingku planning.. 4 my real wedding!..
ill be reading many articles, be buying many wedding mag 4 referance n be surfing hudreds of useful wed links. I guess this globalisation allow us 2 gain more info.. and ill be happy 2 take u viewers 2gether explore every moments.. So for every bride wanna be... insya allah i hope this link will be useful 4 u too...
I take this opportunity 2 thank u as at this moment.. 4weddingku blogspot have been viewed 1000 times from us, from our loyal reader n from who ever that accidentally founded this spot.
Thank U...
We hope, 4weddingku one day will be one stop place 4 bridal & home planning needs..
Or at least it can become an idol 4 ANYBODY 2 venture into this business.. Insya Allah.
Usaha Tangga Kejayaan!
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Lov u all friends & family
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dell said...

Hi Mya..
You can view your engagement day slideshow at

Hope you'll like it! :)


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