Friday, August 25, 2006

Engagement Story Part 2(Unforgettable moments)

OK. Enuf on sad story. Now im gonna share my happy moments..Yes this engagement were supposed 2 b simple, sweet n private function.. That is how i want it 2 be. It started wit very simple invitation 2 closest friend..

Then.. on that day.. most closest friend i invited came..but my UTM's friend only 1 made it. As d rest.. girls..wish u were make up artist really nice. he/she listen 2 wat i want.. Thanx Vee from Amin Jauhary.. He/She said not easy 2 make people that dont like 2 make up. (i guess i complaint 2 much of want everything 2 be minimum n simple). Then my photographer. It was introduced by another close friend of mine..They were so good n nice. Moment reached my crib, then straightway snap some shots. (well definitely on me most)..They were really nice guys. Not to mention i really luv their work..

Then the rombongan came... n that moment..(moment jari disarungkan cincin from my future mother in-law).. there were never thoughts of am i making d rite decision?.. thoughts am i ready 2 b part of arjuna's family... all i knew..these is d moment.. moment after 7 yeards 2gether.i am ready 2 be engaged with arjuna.

Thank u all my friends turning up 2 my engagement.. I lov u all n thanx 4 d support..

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of twilight and dreams said...


dah jadi tunangan orang dah yer :)
congratulations on your engagement !!


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