Saturday, September 16, 2006

hye all...
it have been a while..we all have 2 catch up wit own work, wife 4 some of us, businesswoman, bride 2 be, our normal hang out/social life and finally for 4weddingKu.

Alhamdulillah, we are growing... and in future, u will see more new idea brought up by 4weddingKu.. Tunggu yek...

well, i love today... I have made Arjuna to angkat sumpah n dedicated himself for me this weekend!.. All for me... I have drag him 2 check out few bridal house... a close friend of mine 2 was here.. wow.. i tell u... kahwin ni memang pakai banyak duit.. Insya Allah we will try 2 use d money wisely.. Hopefully the wedding will b a beautiful wedding tapi tidaklah sampai ke tahap membazir... Thank u Arjuna 4 ur time.

Specially for all viewers... i will share bits n pieces to every bridal related i went/view. (insya allah)

4weddingku Bits & Pieces.1.
Boutique: BridalMate - Wedding Planner
Lot LF-18c, Tingkat 3, Shah Alam Mall
Section 9, Shah Alam
B&P : Dulang Gold yg sangat cantik. Very Exclusive. They only rent for RM50 each.
Less cost 2 rent alas dulang yg cantik..
Photography pulak using, Sallehnasruddin photography. Saw his storyboad.. nice!
The wedding packages pulak start at RM1800 (Baju Lace, Make up& Accessories)

Last,.. i went 2 Man Kajang. memang lah Man nie fav many future bride.. as i was browsing his collection... memang every girl will fall inlove. (full of beads)... Tampak exclusive n very2 nice.. I have appoint him 2 be my wedding gown designer. Best coz he cater Head to Toe in every design he made. Not 2 mention including Arjuna's apperel as well.. sebab suka cara dier (kelakar n selamba).. i ve hired him 2 make my baju nikah sekali (not as per plan actually).. so he'll b making 2 pasang baju 4 me.,.. Sukanyer...

Then i got news from Digital Syndicate yg my pix are ready.. I viewed n i love it.. Thank u Kalai, Azam n dell....

Tommorow... another story...

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of twilight and dreams said...

me wanna see.... wanna see... the pics... :)

good luck on your bridal hunt... !! man kajang sounds fantastic... :)


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