Friday, August 25, 2006

Engagement story Part 1.(beyond our control)

Tiring week 4 me i must say.. well it was my engagement week.Well, i guess everything went well finally. Alhamdulillah. Thank u mama,abah,sis n brother, families n rest of my friends. more people turned up..I cant wait 2 c all my pix 2 be ready.. Cepatlah digital syndicate.hehe
However no doubt many things happend not as per planned. No matter how details u were or how many months in advance we planned, certain things are beyond our control.
Beyond control1
It started when mama called me on Thursday n saying that my canopy turn up 2 b maroon in colour. (by right its white)..well, there goes my sweet theme..Its kinda of embarassing but i actually cried that night till 3am.I called arjuna n all he said .."sayang, its just a canopy"..yeah i know but things were not as planned! .. WHY ...!!!
Beyond control2
Then i left to Ipoh 4 my bestfriend wed.On my way back, my beb (name 4 my ride)'s windscreen got hit by rock at highway. Retak Okay!.. can not be angry 2 anybody.sabar jer lah..
Beyond control3
When i hit KL, while my engagement prep, suddenly my v3's screen not functioning. why now??? i cant live without my phone!..
Beyond control4
Again mama called...there were miscommunication.. r chairs are not with covered..................i just paused n think... i guess i have 2 be thank ful. a friend of mine remind me that... "sometimes it beyond our control n u just have 2 accept that"... i just close my eyes n take a deep breathe.
Beyond control5
On that day..while doing d pelamin.. (not that real pelamin..just a mini pelamin or DYI pelamin)..i actually felt from tangga..everybody were panic. my right kaki bengkak okay. But after being massage from uncle, my leg are better.
Beyond control6
Yes.. again mama called...and Yes again another bad news,... my alas meja turned out 2 be blue in colour...but mama quickly said.. dont worry..abah is trying to rent from nearby canopy a white alas. i just smile n walk towards my room...

I guess.. we have 2 be thank ful n accept that certain things are beyond our control...
But i thank god this function turned up 2 be well. everybody left the house happyly...

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of twilight and dreams said...

Ohh my God, one after another..

Kalau I pon I rasa I will nangis macam tu jugak.

Sometimes, some things are jsut not within our control..


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