Thursday, June 01, 2006

SouL 4 Jogyakarta

The sympathy to 'tsunami' is aint over yet and now.. come the powerfull earthquake.
4weddingku is dedicating this entree as our deep syampathy for jogyakarta. The death toll to rises and as at yesterday news, 5000 already confirmed death.

May Allah bless the souls and families of those that have gone and feeling untold hurt. We also pray that support and help are sent quickly. May Allah also bless the rest of the community.

This adversity only comes from our creater and his test is simple.If you are being punished,then you will move away from him.If you are being tested,you will become closer to him.At the end our job on earth is to serve our creator and mankind.
So to our Indonesian brothers and sisters,hang in there and our prayers are with you

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