Saturday, June 03, 2006

Choosing the DATE

Okay, let us talk about suitable date 2 get engage, nikah or even weds. Nowdays 4sure we re looking 4 weekend. But Okay ker if weekdays.. Coz on weekend we have 2 attend other plp wed. Betul tak? Bukannya susah pun. Now everything at finger tip. Makan can Cater, Decor can ask wed planner.. all u guys have 2 do just attend. Kalau nak ambik school holidays..Ya ampun, ramai bangat. U will make ur guest confused by attending a wrong wed. (It happened ok!..Siap dah bagi hadiah kat bapak pengantin & mintak balik). Should we change d trend?? may b choose Monday or Friday. Sewa dewan pun slightly cheaper.. Hmm.. as 4 me, neither me nor him can choose. Its better our parents decide. But we may propose...

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