Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Antara Radzuan Radzwill, Coach & Vincci

I went 2 klcc last weekend. Ramai nyer lah manusia teramat sangat. Not counting all those rombongan cik kiah & school trip. But my aim just 2 teman my girlfriend get her hantaran stuff (since Isetan was on-sale). So we are both being so gediks wanted 2 check out real branded stuff .. so we went inside Coach. Wow.. really gorgeous. The most cheapest handbag was RM2k. Its expensive 4 me who normally can only afford 2 get mNg,zaRa & 9west.So just put d stuff back. Then we decided 2 check on Radzuan's boutiqe. No doubt the design was superb. Really glam.. But believe me..the tag showed @ hanger already really scared us 2 enter in. I guess may be we knew we cant afford it too.. So we both just walk into Isetan n check out more stuff. (that is something more reality 2 us.. ;-) while working 2wards Dome..we stopped at Vincci. Ya ampun ramai nyer org and & best part..d guys all waiting outside. I guess tak sanggup 'mati' lemas dlm Vincci shop tu kot... My friend founded really nice pair of cream shoess with diamond buckle. It only cost her RM99. She likes it & she have that amount of RM in her purse. So we get her wedding shoess.. Something that is nice, value 4 money and that was beyond her budget..

so i said..we have 2 work what we could. although letting go something what we really want & would like 2 have.. Insya Allah, kalau ada rezeki, one day... i ll have that one too....

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