Monday, June 26, 2006

So i already have the date...

(To do list)
Yup u people out there!.. I already have THE Date... It was set between my family n arjuna's. I guess nowdays its the future bride& groom who decides the date. It will be easier in terms of preparation. However we still seek oponion from both family on their preferance..So, 1. the DATE 2. the CONCEPT. since it will be in my grands house, so we decided

2 do it in wedding engagement mood. Just feel la wanna create that romantic mood Pink, Soft Green n white is the colour.. (there surely lots of pink n white roses)

3. the Hantaran was set up. From him will be 5 while in returns, ill give 7. Semua ikut adat. Yg wajib saja..the rest will be given during the wedding ceremony. This includes the caterar,wedding gown n doorgift.

4. the guest. i already worked out the number of guest coming. Since we both from big families, i think 50 from him while 50 frm KL. ill be inviting 20 of my closest friend 2 come.. (Some insist 2 come, some i really want them 2 b there but some are self invited..well it will be very nice if all my friends 2 be here but sorry dear..budget a bit tight here!!)..

5.Since i already have the info..i start working on the budget. Yup need 2 sit wit him. How much we both can really contribute..(tak cukup boleh mintak sikit jer arjuna 2 contribute..ala..sikit jer. ;-) ...

6. Hey..we need people 2 help u kay. Dont be so control freak or aka Poyo according 2 Carla Lily... So set a comittee. May be get only closest family like ur sis, bro, parents, cousins or 1 or 2 bestest friend 2 involve. Just 2 make sure things are done accordingly.

7. Start window shopping!. Be aware on these Sale around klang valley. U need 2 be smart buyer there.. Get for an affordable stuff. Jangan menyusahkan diri if u think u cant afford. Jadilah pengguna yg bijak...heheh mcm Pak Lah pulak rasa..

8. Get quotations. Yes viewers. Surf the fotopages & Blog. make it like ur GURU. A lot of things can be learnt.

9.Ask opinion. Why do i say these? becoz sometimes we need somebody 2 bring u back u reality (when u dreamt of a fairy tale wedding), u need 2 have somebody 2 remind u that there are more after engagement or wedding (like buying a house, totally being independant witout ur parents help)

10. Take care of urself, your love , families& friends. well u need 2 be beautiful dont b 2 stress kay!.. take supplements. drink a lot of water (i think i need that most), watever decision u made..make sure that he 2 b involved as well..well, we r going 2 get married wit him biasa-biasakan making decisions wit him. Practise that we no longer solo. its duo 2 be.So u;ll be happyly ever after.

In Summary, there u goes my prep towards
~ My Garden Engagement...
1. Get th date
2. Decide the concept
3. Hantaran (All pertaining 2 it eg dress,photographer,doorgift)
4. Guestlist
5. Budget
6. Committee
7. Window shopping
8. Quotation
9. Opinion
10. Happyly Ever After

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