Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Coffee Massage vs Starbuck.
Hey. dont get me wrong, Starbuck Caramel Frappucino memang the best.I meant the Coffee Massage. Me n friend, kakak degil decided to pampered ourselve with really good spa&massage. (after been planned 4 3months). So went 2 tini spa. Since both in trip to bliss, we decided 2 take coffee massage& sauna package (RM62 only). It supposed 4 cellulite & brighther skin.
So 1 hour after being pampered, we felt relief. It was nice & value 4 money. With a lil bit of touch up, i think Tini Spa will be great place 2 spa! Impactnyer.., well wat do u aspect with only 1 time massage rite.. Tp my skin felt licin sikit...
We both insya allah will try to do this monthly basis. Kalau ada rezeki, we'll try some other spa places around klang valley. Watever it is, ive decided 2 really take care of my body,face& skin before d wedding. Isnt that every Bride 2 be should do!!! ....

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