Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Picture Perfect.
Moments are temporary but memories are 4ever rite?!. Yesterday ive met wit my photographer. Already engaged them. Lov their works n nice plp. Hey..god service is important rite.. Happy... well basically, ive browse a few that i fall inlove with.. and compare it wit my budget.

Some i really like but cant afford.
Some i wish i can hire them but taken.
Some its affordable but not my style.
With them.. everything else just perfect.
Hope my pix will be "perfect" too...
see u on that day Digital Syndicate!

My next hunt will b my make up artist..


semutapi said...

Hi there...

I found your blog through

My wedding was actually about three weeks ago.. but the excitement when looking for wedding info stays.. guess after months of preparation, I just can't let it go..

Do enjoy preparing your wedding.. ;)

p/s: I used for all the occasions. best :)

From 4 of us said...

Dear semut api..

hehe.. thanx. i guess wat im doing n felt consider normal rite.. every girls moments..
after u have mentioned, i went 2 see arphotography in FP.u are rite.. memang menarik. Insya Allah, i can use theor service for me weds.
** so, biler nak jadi mommy?


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