Sunday, June 18, 2006

The wedding planner

Romantic Movie I would say.. Saturday nite..layan jiwangs so i decided to watch back the wedding planner. Goshh... I watched it like 3 times b4 but never realized it was so romantic. perhaps dicampur weddingku mood kot.. (Diriku dlm bunga2 cinta). Then it make me think..isnt it easier just 2 hire a wedding planner? she will just do everything. From bunga tangga to even parking space.. all we need is just the RM rite... tapi masalah nyer can it be really adaptable to Malaysian scenario?. Yer lah.. kalau wedding tu kan.. semua sedara mara nak datang!. semua nak tolong.have u been to a weeding even org yg sendukkan nasi tu pun AJK wedding.(knew from same baju with many mak cikss...).. well, itulah semangat kejiranan orang doubt..
Hmm.. i guess in Malaysia, wedding planner yg betul2 buat EVERYTHING not so many lah..or may be not that practical. Somehow mesti ada masuk campur family.
I think for weddingku, 70% will be from family (Since my family besar~Typical malaysia's scenario here) and 30% will be a wedding planner.

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