Monday, September 03, 2012

Bridesmaid, why are they importance..

You might disagreed with this post, but personally i think the bridesmaid are very importance. Maid of honour and Bridesmaid were normally selected by the brides based on 2 category; relative and close friends. The selection can be based on many factors but as for me, here are reasons why i said so:-

1. 'Sharing is Caring'
I believed we definitely wants to share this special moment with someone special. (Someone else besides the hubby). Through the laughter and 'panic' moment when certain things are not as per plan. It will be a great topic on post wedding meets up. Don't you think so..?

2. Somehow or anothey way to destress the brides
As bride is already dress up, she will sit calmly in her room waiting to be called.
And based on my experienced, every second of that moment make my heart beats faster.
But with my bridesmaid around, their laugh and teased make me to keep on smilling.
We do not want stress looking brides on photo right! Plus, their constant compliments on how beautiiful you are , or the dress, favors  etc will brighten your day up! (hehehe)

3. Your most reliable 'eye and ear'
Normally your trusted person on earth ie mom, dad or siblings will be super busy with thier own task.
And they wont be by your side always (most of the time, mostly)
But you would still needs what is happening at the hall, who are already here and 1001 questions.
So, being a bridezilla - You would need an eye and ear but not inn desperate attempt
Send them to the kitchen, hall, gifts area. They will give you the full report!

4. Great 'accessories' for photoshoot
Snap a lot of pictures with them! Especially when they all dress up in your theme! Those candid moments will definitely puts a great memories to the brides

5. With bridesmaid, bride has the higher possibilities to have bridal shower or hen night?
For Malaysian culture, not many brides still could accept the concept of 'bridal shower' or Hen Night. It strongly depends on the believes and acceptance level. But if you are the bride, don't you want to be pampered and be on spotlight just for that moment by your close friends? (I know i loved those moments). Dear bridesmaid will normally organised this in advance.
Normally in simple but creative way. So surprised your brides! Make them a happy bride.
Trut me, that memories remained!
(Thank you my crazie bestie aka bridesmaid for wonderful hen night they have organised! Dinner, Chilled out together, Pyjamas Night, Checking in at 5star hotels, Spa and lastly - Coffee. I love you all forever)


FY said...

definitely true!!! =) thanks to my 11 bridesmaids..awesome works!

4weddingku.mya said...

Wow! 11... Awesome! Mesti you rase that day sgt special kan! Coz been surrounder by people that actually care and love you! Mine was 2 only... But i love them like crazy!!!

Phyper said...

When I got married last year in Stonehurst Manor, I chose my best friend to be my bridesmaid since she's like a sister to me. And I know I made the right decision since from day one she was there to help me out when it comes on planning my wedding.

Wedding Attic said...

I agree on your statement about the bridal shower. It's not common yet in Malaysia but I've seen some of my friends posting bridal shower pictures on facebook and guess what I've personally organized few bridal showers for my friends also!

Head on to Wedding Attic for Bridal Shower Package! Wedding Attic provide Bridal Shower services! ^^

have a nice day ahead ^^


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