Thursday, August 30, 2012

We saw mini pails

Don't you love Malaysian Wedding Industry nowadays.
What we saw via all international wedding websites and blogs (favors)
Now also available at Malaysia at a reasonable price

Amongs what i spotted recently was;
this cute mini pails from Dear Happily Ever After !
It's only RM2! WoW!

What can we have inside this sweet mini pail? perhaps severals colourful candy?
For engagement or Solemnisation,
I can already imagine dear guest caryying it!

Perhaps something like this picture found via Google Image ?

Source : here

1 comment:

coleny kok said...

Hi, May i know where can i buy this? DO you know how much it selling and colors?
If you know u may contact me at 03-78860271 or email
Please thanks.


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