Friday, August 27, 2010

Discovering : Duchess Place

Hi everyone..
I actually just discovered a new place for weds in KL area.
Its called Duchess Place . Its situated somewhere in Jalan Ampang. Its actually being mentioned by me very beautiful customer. So i decided to google it.

So to many of my bride-yo-be bloggers, may be you do want to check out this wedding venue. I welcome any comment & feedback about this place! Do share with other bride-to-be here!


{Picture were taken from their Facebook : Duchess Place }


elle said...

i did my wedding there recently - on 8th august 2010 for both ceremony - the nikah & also reception.
i fall in love with the place the moment i step my foot there.
i can say that it's worth every penny i spend there - deco is brilliant, food is superb and management is friendly :)
totally recommend it!

i'll post some of my wedding pics in my blog ( soon (still couldn't find time to do so due to busy post-wedding stuff.hehe)

Love the place damn much!

bitsANDpieces said...

hi mya. there this one place called laman@penchala. not sure the details, tapi they do provide the chiavari chairs.

oh that duchess place is indeed beautiful. macam carcosa is it?

4weddingku.mya said...

Hi elle,
Thank you so much on ur input. I went to your blog. Only could find that very nice (loving it very much) video clip of ur solemnisation. Did i mentioned it was beautiful? hehhe... Yup, thats what ive heard plp say too.. Really nice place. But do share with us in general, how much per pax will it be yeah?

Hi bitsANDpieces
Yes. That one i definitely pernah dengar jugak. Near to my mom's place. I think la mcm ala-ala carcosa. Looks very classy rite!

elle said...

hi Mya,
General info on Duchess Place:
- 2 main part, the house it self is a double storey house which they converted the ground level to an empty living room with a nice flooring & chandelier. upper floor has 2 rooms for clients to use with a small rest/living room area. the other part is a marque tent with fully air-conditioned.
- can accommodate up to 650-700 pax
- package including food, table&chairs (they dont have chiavari chairs but they have garden chairs which looks like chiavari but cuter :) , all deco ie pelamin, high table and marque tent deco, photographer (optional), PA system, 2x50" LCD.
- 2 rooms provided for bride/family usage (and u can stay for one night there)

about the price, i can't really reveal it here coz it depends on your package. they totally flexible and will try to do it within your budget. i can say, its probly a bit expensive than Kampung Pengantin, but totally worth it!

btw, as far as i know, they dont allow on outside decorator.

a bit info on the management team. they were actually in wedding planning for quite some time i think with the name Astana Karya.
Now they bought this Place and turn it into an exclusive event venue.
Abg Joe & Wife, Kak Ina and another investor/director of the venue are basically the man player. kak ina herself is the chef for ur food and abg joe normally heads all the other things including deco.

any further info, just call abg joe at his no: 017-2118000.
p/s: please quote my name when u speak to him k.. hehe

rgds, elle.

4weddingku.mya said...

Dear Elle,
Really appreciate your info. Hahha.. I hope it is useful to others who may be interested.

Cepat-cepatlah upload ur wed photos.. tak sabar nak tengok ni!!!

Sueweeets said...

Hello, I'm Sue. Just found ur lovely site here.. ;)

Lucky elle, dapat buat kat situ. :)

A friend recommended Duchess Place to me quite a while ago, and I fell completely in love..

But because they can only accommodate up to 700pax, I canceled my original plan tu, we decided to do elsewhere. ;( tsk tsk..

Fie said...

Hi Mya,

Just wanted to thank you for featuring Duchess Place on your blog. Bcos of this entry, my FH and I are going to have our wedding there next year :)

Anonymous said...

My friend was one of the first who did their wedding there and they were quite disappointed with their service for the price they paid. I'm not sure how good they are now tho. Good luck ;)


nYomeL said...

Hi Mya,

I just wanna share the photo of my friend's solemnization @ The Duchess Place. I really fall in love!

Feel free to find the photo here :

Anonymous said...

adore the duchess place, my wedding will be on next year and now we just pick felda villa as our wedding venue, with cost about rm30 perpax, full package..if u can give me the quotation, plz reply me

Anonymous said...

Guyz...i fell in luv with dis place...if possible elle...please email me da price they quote to u for ur wedding for i want to differentiate da price for other venue...

and yeah...there's a place like dis at penchala called Laman Andaman...da place is superb...u can find it on fb by dat name...they provide chiavaris chairs for 400pax n chrge for extras...dat place can accomodate up to 600 pax wit tents...nice place indeed...they also have their own decor n fnb...

elle...dats y i hope u can at least share with me da price so dat i can compare da price wit Laman Andaman...tx dear...

Zana said...

hi elle, i found the place tru ur website. so interesting,if possible, can u give me some pricey details that they quoted to you. need to see either within budget or not.hope to hear from you,thanks in advance elle. :)
btw nice blog,it helps me alot <3

skewed said...

wow! i absolutely adore this place!!! this is exactly the kind of place that i have in my mind!! well i asked them to quote me the price, but they wanted me to come personally :( which is quite difficult as im not in kl at the moment...can you please be so kind to email me price the that they quoted?? i would reallly appreciate it!! mucho gracias!!!!!

cempaka said...

Hi mya,this is a very nice venue for wedding ceremony.anyway how much will it cost to held a wedding there? i did browsed to the duchess place website,but they didnt stated.

4weddingku.mya said...

Dear Chempaka..
Seriously i never plan a wedding for there.
However attended to a wedding.

Nice n cosy place.
It is a bit pricey but i guess... in terms of exclusivity, that is the price u need to!

Ive contacted them once...
That is thru thier facebook.

Good luck!


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