Wednesday, November 18, 2009

SIlver vs Mom - Dilemma's for Cik Fyda

Dear my Cik Fyda,
U must know that there are 2 types of SILVER.
One, is the BLING-BLING silver that will create the glamourous & classy look as if its like a diamond. But be very carefull with it as TOO MUCHH Bling silver or "plastic" look like shimering silver will make the colour combo look 'cheapo'. This can be risky!
While Second Silver are those 'blur-ring' silver or to some called - GREY. (Bahasa melayu-nyer pudar/kelam). But do not under estimate this Grey as it will create very exclusive look! Especially when you combine it with White ! (my fav colour).
However, u did mentioned u would love to have 'suci' look, so may i suggest all-white wedding will be definitely Perfect! If i could be a lil bit specific, OFF-WHITE! But to some extend of items, tak salah nak add a bit of silver simply to spice things up eg, hantaran with Silver&White and wedding gown with those shimmering silver brooch & veil. (kan?kan?kan?)
I hope my two cents words would give some inspiration to you. BUT my most advice is, DO NOT go againts your mom! (Big NO in my principle. Althought i did 'fight' aka disagreed a lot with my mama, but in the end, we both must come to the same solution. Bak kata orang tua-tua, kena dapat berkat!) Hehheheh
Nanti update us what will be your colour ok!!!
Below are a picture i found while gogling. However i've lost the link. Should anyone knew, do notify me so we woulld give proper credit.
My personal opinion might differ from another personnel
Mya's Tip: Be clear with your concept. Then you will easyly fall inlove with the colour


fyda_ibrahim said...

thanks a lot puan blog.. u give me more inspiration.. actually, last week i discussed with my fiancee. he also disagree if i disobedient with my mom.. then, we decided to choose silver, white and red theme.. i still want a white colour as a major.. just a little silver and red.. hehe.. what's ur opinion?

4weddingku.mya said...

im sory we got to u back on this quite late. Been very busy lah musim2 Year End. Glad you have choose the colour. And that colour- Silver&White&Red for me is simply gorgeous. I think that will create romantic mood. (tetiba terdengar lagu- unchained melody behind)...

Good Luck and do update us via ur blog your wedding journey ok!

fyda_ibrahim said...

thanks again for ur advices.. wah! i also love that song.. unchained melody by air supply right? huhu.. orait.. i will update my journey to our love destination.. ;)

idayusof said...

the grey gown is super cool!

Anonymous said...

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