Monday, November 09, 2009

Red&White Colour dilemma's for Sue

Dear Sue,

Here are my humble two cents thoughts,

A combi Red&White pelamin potrayed that you wish a classic wedding colours.
If you are looking for a matching wedding gown colour,
White will continuosly give your that demure theme..
But if you want something contrast & is up for another new colour, below are some of the ideas that you could explore,

Red, White, Grey & lil of pink (Sweet theme)

Red, White & Black (Elegance theme)

Red, White & Turqousie (Modern theme)

{Pix Source}
1. Elizabeth Anne Design Flickr
2. Tastefully Entertaining Flickr

As for theme colour for Hantaran, it does not have to be ALL in SAME Colour.
You can always mix & match into the colour family.
But you can continuosly choose 1 colour to be your dormant colour.

I hope i could give you some ideas.
My personal opinion might differ from another personal.

Mya's Tip: Don't scared of choosing another colour! be bold!

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Nor Suraya said...

weee ... thanks .. :D alahai , terharunya dgn entry kali ni .. sgt2 membantu .. weee .. so happyla ...


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