Friday, November 06, 2009

English White Trays for SALE @ 4weddingku!

Only in 4weddingku,
Size L : RM45 p/u
Size M:RM35 p/u
Size S: RM25 p/u
1 Set : 1L+1M+1S = RM90 per set!


jue said...


kalau nak beli dulang ni stock available ke?

daria79 said... interested to buy these trays. can u provide me on the payment details? COD? please email to

Anonymous said...

sya bminat nk bli set tray 2. stock ad lg ke?

ara said...

i want 2 sets of diz, how do i proceed? can u provied payment details, email me : thanxxx..

Anonymous said...


sya berminat tuk bli english tray nih! blh antarkn detailnye ke email sy

hope to hear from you asap.thanks!!

Sena said...

can u give me the actual measurement for each size in cm? thanks

Anonymous said...

hye..saya minat sgt dengan tray ni..please..hantar quo untuk rental..boleh?

4weddingku.mya said...

The white trays will be available very soon. Mid Jan! Email us to book!

kawtsar said...


im interested in buying these trays..stock still available ke?payment details?hope to hear from u soon..please email me :

shasha said...


masih ada ker stock untok dulang satu set tu?

Deia said...

Hi Can you tell me if these are available, the cost and if you ship to the Us. Thank


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