Saturday, March 14, 2009

Breathtaking Wedding Dias

It is every bride's dream to have a breathtaking Wedding Dias (aka Pelamin)
With its current trend of using LOTS & LOTS of accessories,
Style of Wedding Dias has come into MUST view list!

It is no longer only for wedding reception, but also used during engagement and solemnisation
Kalau zaman dulu-dulu, the more colour the merrier!!! (heheh)
But nowdays, i guess brides are smart enough!
Especially as we have so much choices to choose as per budgeted

However to all my bride-to-be readers,
Definition of "Breathtaking" is very much subjective
Having those DOM berlingkar-lingkar on those stage can really be unique
Having those thousands of fresh flowers decorated on pelamin is very 'wow'
and by having those Classy Accessories such as chandelier will simply amaze any guest
So choose something CANTIK di mata anda !!! (and mostly your budget)
p/s: Im huge fan of NAS Great Ideas - Wedding Dias!
Mya's Tip : The less colour, the better!!! (or in same colour family). Like always, i love simplicity!


HANA said...

same like my mom.. she prefer me to create simple one but nice.. all the best ;)

hidden.wing said...

mya, bile nk venture to pelamin deco? ke dah eh?

all the best for 4weddingku team :)

*love NasGreatIdeas' touch tooo...

Anonymous said...

Nas Great Ideas

the fella & team does v good pelamin dias..i was really satisfied for my dias and pelamin for both my akad nikah & reception! :) tehy did a good job for my brother's reception too! Pictures in Ratu Sehari mag- 8th edition.

Anonymous said...

We recently celebrated our son's cukur jambul ceremony on the 5th February 2009. The cukur jambul 'buaian' was by D'Kayangan, Pondok Berkat, Shah Alam.

My husband & i got engaged on Sept 2007 with the pelamin/dias, hantaran (in fuschia pink) and make up by Hatta D'Kayangan Pondok berkat Shah Alam.

Akad nikah hantaran & make up: Hatta of D'kayangan, pondok berkat, shah alam.

Pelamin/dias akad nikah: NAS Great Ideas.

For reception: make up was done by Hatta D'kayangan. Pelamin dias: NAS Great Ideas.

Engagementwear, akad nikah & reception bridal wear: Selendang Sutera, Crowne Plaza: 03-2148 5175.

Anonymous said...

click for make up artist contacts:

Anonymous said...

THe actual website address for NAS GREAT IDEA is without the 's':

has anyone ever tried Wedding Fairies?

Contact : 016 3466062 / 016 3189212 / 013 3316952 | Jaja Monalisa / Dina Dyna

Can also be viewed at :

and the Wedding Fairies Hantaran:



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