Monday, March 02, 2009

Ada Apa Dengan Warna ?

yes, some topic might seems too 'leceh' to discuss but actually extremely important
for not even bride & groom to know, actually the whole family too!

actually, if you are in midst planning the right colour theme,
here are some topic to discuss

1. Who to decide?
Normally the bride&groom will choose their wedding colour. But, if your aunt, uncle starts to give thier opinion, then u must listen! Just add them to your colour banks, and choose which one you really likes!

2. How many colour to choose?
It very much depends on you. But my personal opinion, u are allowed to choose more than 1 colour pallate. Eg. Red&White - Silver&Turqouise - Black,White & Red. If you really wanna stick to only ONE colour choice, choose colour that will not create dullness or boring to the whole reception. Colour suggest eg All White.

3. How daring can i be in choosing my colour?
If you are the adventorous one, be as daring as u want. Eg, Red&Black - Orange&Black. But however play smart with it as if its toooo muccch this colour will make your reception look like a circus!

4. Is it OK to have same colour scheme for whole 3 reception (Nikah, Reception, Sambut Menantu)?
Hey, its your wedding rite! But, if you want to be looking varities in your photo album, why not to try others. No harm rite.

5. How abaout Multi Colour?
Hurm, if you are planning a wedding with a concept, colour theme will be perfect. A syncronisation colours will make your wedding reception really look gorgeous!! So, in other words, i do not actually advise them!

Fav Colours of Mya!
1. All White - Symbol of Classic Wedding
2. Soft Pink - Creates that Romantic mood
3. Pastel Colours - Garden Wedding
4. Red & Off White - Symbol of Love & Passion
5. Purple&Blue - Stunning Wedding
6. Gold - Royal Wedding
7. Grey - Classy Wedding
8. Shades of Blue - Cosy Weddings
9. Pastel Green - Inspired by Nature and Country style
10. Lavender Family - Beautiful & Sweet Mood
11. Gold & Maroon or Gold & Violet or Gold & Green - Classic Wedding


chempaka said...

Banyak membantu!! Saya sukaaa....

hidden.wing said...

love the All White, sooo wedding signature :)

4weddingku.mya said...

Thanks Chempaka..
and im a big fan of all white wedding too...

little miss kechik said...

turqoise & white laaaagii best... *LOL*

Anonymous said...

green & pink ok x?hahahha....

ashekeyn said...

how bout pink+purple..
ala2 fuchia...hihi

4weddingku.mya said...

hi all!!!

pink & green! i loike as it create sweet garden mood. Tapi kalau olive gren lagi cantik kot.

While Asyieken,
Pink&Purple will create that romantic chick mood! with right combi flowers. It can be really sexxy u know!!

masmOna said...

if pink and dark chocolate?

4weddingku.mya said...

not too dark! but it will create cute combo! (mcm polka dots)

masmOna said...

thank you :)
love ur tips.

Me said...

hi mya!

dis article helps a lot..! by the way, from your personal opinion, is the combination of Tiffany Blue + Red ok? I know its very rare to see dis combination though.. :D

choclairissa @ intan said...

my wedding : tiffany blue, pink, white..hurm~~

4weddingku.mya said...

hi there.. tiffany with baby pink blue may be will not pop out that much unless if it is fushia.. than both colour will be a bit strong.

just my two cents dear..

anyway.. tifanny colour always look modern n chic.

good luck


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