Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gubahan Hantaran; the Wild Lavendaria

View it here for more !!


Anonymous said...

sgt cantik.. boleh kah nk order?

fAtrinA said...
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fAtrinA said...

i lurve it!

Anonymous said...

Simply lovely!
I love this lavndria collection. Might take u guys up for my 6 months old son when he gets married...err..that'll be in 20 odd years time? muehehehe...

Anyway i'd like to share sum stuffs with you & viewers here on my wedding:

My bertunang & hantaran tunang year 2007 was gorgeously done by Hatta of D'Kayangan Pondok Berkat : 5510 1801. My engagement hantaran was fushcia in color.

Make up-Hatta of D'Kayangan, Shah Alam.

My AKAD nikah pelamin & reception at the hotel was done by Nas Great Ideas www.nasgreatideas.com
Very well done! Viewers- give the dude & his team a call.

Hantaran- Hatta of D'Kayangan, Pondok Berkat, Shah Alam.

Make up- Hatta of D'Kayangan, Shah Alam.

My engagement & bridal wear up till reception was by Selendang Sutera of Crowne Plaza: 03 21 48 5175 speak to mimi or jiwa (nur jiwawati aris)

several other make up artist that u can consider:

Saidatulnisa's assitant- Liza
Nurul Shukor
Sue Cantik
Shamnina Omar


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