Tuesday, February 19, 2008


We are still in Valentine Mood. So here are some readings on gemstones for all readers.

Some people say that diamonds are truly a girls befriends, like an unspoken benchmark or rule, diamond tend to be the chosen stone to seal the wedding or the engagement moment.But have you ever thought about the colored /gemstones? I’ve been eyeing sum beautiful colored gemstones ring over the pass few month and decided to run a few check up on it. From my reading, this precious stone actually carry a symbolic meaning accordingly by each color, which relate to your birth month, birth stone, color and meaning.

Jan GARNET – RED Protect from nightmares and guidance through dark

Feb AMETHYST-PURPLE Peace & Protection, Sobriety and Tranquility
Mac AQUAMARINE-TURQUOISE Love, Hope and Health, Making New Friends
Apr DIAMOND – CLEAR Love, Eternity & Strength
May EMERALD – GREEN Curing Ailment and Magical Effect
June PEARL-CREAM Chastity and Modesty
July RUBY – RED Protection & Harmony
Aug PERIDOT – LIME GREEN Protect against evil and terrors of the night
Sept SAPPHIRE – BLUE Faith and Purity
Oct OPAL – WHITE / BLACK Hope, Innocence and Purity
Nov TOPAZ -Various colors Sanity, Life & Strength
Dec TURQUOISE -BLUEGREEN Happiness, fortune and Luck.

Running through sum entry on the net, colored stone varies in price depending on the grade, origin of the stone, color, clarity and cut. However, this stone is less expensive comparing to the diamond, so it means that you can get a bigger one. The want that is in trend nowadays is the multicolored gemstones, i.e the ring is being made up with multi colored stones, and sum even with small diamond surrounding it .
So to all ladies out there, why not opt for these beautifully gorgeous gemstones as the symbol of your love to eternity. Make it colorful with various good meaning to you love life : )

Thank you for reading on 4weddingku Honeymoon spot. If we have more resources, we shall share it with u guys in our next entree.

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