Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bestfriends and Chocolate Cake

Many future bride can go wacky if they cant do proper wedding plans. And do not go panic if u think it is too late. My tip is-get people involvement! Choose some of your bestfriends to handle small2 stuf like taking care of the make-up artist, phtographer or even choose your flowers ,etc. Best friends are simply more than happy to assist u!! Hey!, thats what friends are for right!! I know i have few great bestfriends that were helping me during my wedding.
If i were too stress... ill make sure i get a great choc cake like one above! View Lace and Beads for more info.


happy said...

looks so yummy. :)

happy said...

hi there,
thanks for dropping by my site. i hope you could come back. maybe you could give me some tips especially on ways on how to personalize it. thanks so much. :)


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