Saturday, October 20, 2007

Yes... End Oct, Nov and Dec is another Extremely Busy Quater for any services related to Weddings. It is when 2 people in love got hitched! HuHu! (Makan Nasi Minyak lahhh kita)
Cuti Sekolah is another factor why many choose these period! So family & friends are easy to travel attending invitations.
Me myself have been travelling everywhere simply to attend friends weddings. I like those moment as i can see areas i never been (like Bahau, Muar and etc). See different ways of people do their own wedding and Food! yes... tasting different style of food! Nyum-Nyum. I love exploring new thing!
Convoy-ing is another exciting part! All i knew we're stopping at many pit and suddenly the cars number are increasing. Rupanya dia janji ngan dia jumpa disini and janji pulak ngan dia jumpa disini. When we stop at R&R, we all met and surprised that sipolan-sipolan already have kids lah, he is with different girlfriend lah, she is fatter lah and many!. Macam Re-union lah pulak!

So u Wedding Service Provider outhere, Happy Working !

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