Thursday, October 11, 2007

Another Milestone ...
.. created by founder of 4weddingku ..

Sugar&Paste Cakes and CupCakes
Yes, you have been introduced with
4weddingku(Weddings), Lace&Beads(Gifts) and now i am proud to present..

Sugar&Paste Cakes and Cupcakes
A provider for any occasion of Cakes and Cupcakes to 4weddingku and Lace&Beads
It started when our wedding cakes are well accepted in the market. We have received nearly hundreds of order made via online. For that we thank you all.
So for our future planning into world of cupcakes, we would like these product to stand by its own brand! This name was created last 10 years when my sister and i planned to commercial my mom's cake home business. But due to time constraints as we both study in uni, this dream just left behind. Mama market her own business just through her network.
And now, I am ready to make this dream come true. This brand Insya Allah to be commercialize and hope will be well accepted as the rest too...

Feel free to ALL our Cakes, Cupcakes and Pastry found in 4weddingku and Lace&Beads under one Roof!

Enjoy from us!

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