Friday, June 01, 2007

Love Aida&Yaacob

it is never in my wildest imagination to be proposed to in a green field strewn with white daisies. Being a romantic at heart, I always picture you on bended knee in a fancy restaurant, or a giant teddy bear that you win at a funfair game with a huge diamond ring sticking at one of his toes, or even, you hugging me from behind and surprise me with those precious words.

But that red-letter-day, I found it was too perfect, almost too good to be true. It seemed so surreal that I wonder whether it was me who was the happiest girl on earth. I remember the very blue sky, almost azure to my eyes, the big white clouds that reminded me of cotton candies, and the soft wind I felt on my face.

It was June last year, where summer has just peeking on us, and that day was bright, we were sitting on top of The Mount, the green hill overlooking the town, and flowers were still blooming from the previous spring. It was halcyon weather, everything felt enjoyable to everyone, we sat next to each other, and suddenly I heard you said those words to me. That was how everything started. That was how my love began. That was how daisies are everywhere in my eyes.

You sometimes called me Daisy. I enjoyed that special feeling when you referred to me as Daisy in your online writing. Remember the tag 13 daisies? You decided to do that when I sent you 12 gerbera daisies to your office. I know you will be surprised, (with online flower delivery, lovers of different continents feel so cherished by each other), and I surprised you good, didn’t I? The courting went so fast, or was it so smooth because as I remembered it, it was suddenly our engagement day.

Mama, the ever-understanding mother-in-law, presented me hantaran decorated with fresh white daisies. Came the reception day at Melawati, I was a bit astounded to find all fresh white flowers everywhere. White orchids decorating our newlyweds table, the chippendale, and white daisies adorned the guests tables. The most celebrated flowers that day was my white daisies hand-bouquet, hand picked by you. I felt the most special. I felt very cherished.

Everything reminds me of the day back at The Mount, where a girl was proposed to in a green field strewn with white daisies.

I love you shayang.

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khairun_aziz said...

That is so cute. The couples I knew before always ended breaking up if they are so far away from each other. Your story is an evidence that there is still trust and love even though you are in different continents. Wish you all the best!


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