Tuesday, May 22, 2007

introduction of 4weddingku - Ceritera Cinta
yeap.. another creative idea from 4weddingku..
besides our passion into this business, no doubt that we have make MANY new friends..
and some even built stronger every day!.. (no joke!)
i mean.. we have bond more than just a service provider-customer relation..
some even call us to ask for our advise on stuff they dont hired us (tanya warna pelamin yg sesuai.. tanya elok tak pakai songket atau lace.. some even ask us about cincin mcm mana nak pilih!) honestly.. we feel so honored! (besides giving FREE consultation).. hehehh
some also until today still communicating with us via YM talking stuff, shared wedding experienced n even share recepies!! hehehe
so ...
it is honoured to annouce that,
we thought to share their wonderful love story too with u (of course with permission)
some u will see in http://4weddingku.fotopages.com and some u will read it here... http://4wedingku.blogspot.com ...
thank you for letting us to be part of ur wedding..

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